Dear IDO Members,

The current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide is prompting us all to take exceptional measures, but also to find different solutions to help you, our National member organizations and all our dancers Worldwide not to stop dancing.

IDO PROJECTS – IDO GALA »Best of the best« World event – format for year 2020
Due to COVID-19 situation, the IDO Sport Director has proposed a new format for IDO GALA »Best of the best« World Event 2020 to be voted and approved by IDO Executive Presidium (approved on 23.03.2020) and Presidium (approved on 04.04.2020).



With this e-mail, the IDO Sport Director is informing all IDO NMO that the normal way of selection for the IDO Gala 2020 will be changed due to »fource majour«. The following will apply . Invitation for the first selection is OPEN TO ALL ADULT CHAMPIONS OF YEAR 2019. IDO NMO must send the videos of the nominees to Due to this special conditions no new videos or routines can be submitted. Nominees must use the videos of the routines that made them World Champions (can be from national championships, international competitions, special dance contests, etc.).

All video material that will be submitted until 01.05.2020 will be eligible for the IDO Gala FB contest that will take place from 04.05.2020 until 11.05.2020!

Half of BEST scored routines will proceed to the next round.

SELECTION 2: The same rules apply for the next round, but we add 3 people as V.I.P adjudicators (Mexico, RSA and Australia-Asia) that will add their scores to the FB contest.

  This selection will   TBA 

Best 12 go to the SUPER FINAL!

SUPER FINALS:  IDO would host in a TV studio the SUPER FINAL. At that time we hope that our 12 best scored nominees can make a new high quality video of a performance they would like to present at the FINAL evening. On the final night livestream voting with a computer screen were we would call by Skype all IDO NMO (that paid their yearly annual fee😊) to vote as Eurovision style! 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points.

Hope all is clear, but do not hesitate to contact me directly in case of any question at 😊

While it’s important for everyone to observe recommendations of social distancing to stay at home and help flatten the pandemic’s curve, the IDO still represents a key role to play in enhancing well-being and encouraging people to remain healthy during the outbreak.  

We take it as our duty to play a positive role in people’s lives during these challenging times.


Hoping everyone stays healthy and safe during these tough times.


Best Regards,