Dear IDO Gala nominees,

IDO is more that proud to invite you to the 4th IDO Gala World Event "Best of the best" that will be held in SACHSEN arena Riesa, Germany on Saturday November 24th, 2018.

To make it easier for all of us, I am sending you some information!


1. You can arrive at the venue on Saturday morning from 10:00 H. Please go to the right side of the SACHSENarena.You will see the side entrance under a roof - opposite the office-container. Open the door and go to the Check In office nearby on the right side.  Here you will be welcomed by IDO Gala team.


2 At the Check In office we will prepare the accreditations for you to leave and enter the hall and go backstage. The rule is the same as for any IDO event. 

          Solo, duo, groups = 1 additional accreditation 
          Formation = 4 accreditation if it is necessary.


3. To prepare the wrist bands in advance please send me the following information as soon as possible, but no later than November 7, 2018: 

           Number of dancers:
           Name and surname of the person that will accompany the dancers:


4. The rehearsal will be from 10:00 H until 17:00 H on the floor in the “WM-Halle” during the competition. Also backstage in the SACHSENarena and on the main stage after the end of the competition day. Time will be announced after we publish the final schedule for the IDO World Cups.

In the WM-Halle you may have rehearsals during the day with music. On stage of the SACHSENarena you will have only 5 min each. Thank you for understanding.


5. To be prepared, please send us your music in advance to until November 7, 2018, so we can make your show as impressive as possible!

Have a back-up copy on CD just in case.

Clearly marked as point  6. bellow.


6. Please, fill in the information that will be published on the screen during your performance, so please take care that they are correct.

           Name and surname:
          Title of the performance:
          Choreography by:



7. The dressing room for the Gala nominees will be provided by the Organizer and clearly marked-GALA. It will be positioned in the WM-Halle.


8. Scholarships (reimbursements) will be done immediately after the end of the event, so please wait.


9. In case that you have not sent your CV and photo do it latest until Monday,29.10.2018 or your performance cannot be published on FB!


10. Information for accompaning spectators: tickets will be sold for 30 EURO / person for the whole Saturday (seats are numbered). They will be bought at the Ticket Counter at the entrance of the SACHSENarena  (right side from the entrance – easy to see) in EURO-cash or by Credit Card (VISA – American Express).

As we are not sure if there will be tickets left on Saturday, November 24, 2018 please buy them online here  through the German Ticket Company Eventim.


11. All nominees are very much welcome at the Champion’s Party for the dancers in the WM-Halle (adjacent to the SACHSENarena) just after the Finals on Saturday night until around 2:00 am. Entry is free. Please show your wristband. Have fun with all the competitors and dance all stress off!


12. For any information feel free to contact Fiona Johnson Kocjancic at

          See you soon all in Riesa ! smiley