IDO Gala World Event Videos

Dear IDO dancers, officials and friends!

Dear supporters of IDO!

On behalf of IDO and with special pride and appreciation, let me invite you to attend the

5th IDO Gala World Event "Best of the Best" 2019

in Genova, Italy on Saturday November 16th, 2019.


IDO World Championships themselves are of the highest excellence.


The IDO is inviting the selected adult champions from numerous IDO dance disciplines, solos, duos, couples, groups and formations from World Championships in the year 2018 to compete for the Gala-crown of being the " Best of the Best" 2018 in front of a very special audience and the TV.


It is the only ever IDO event with such an amazing prize reimbursement of over 15.000,00 euro.


With respect,

Fiona Johnson Kocjančič

IDO Sport Director