The selections of participants will be done as follows: 


The deadline for all Dance Department Directors to submit their list of 5 nominees with a short explanation by e-mail to the official IDO Sport Office is March 15th, each year.

In case the Dance Department Director fails to provide the list of nominees, the Sport Director sends a reminder.

The list needs to be sent not later than 5 working days after the closing date.
If the Dance Department Director does not submit the list, then the Sport Director has the right to do it her/himself.


The deadline for all National member organizations (NMO) to submit a list of 5 nominees from their country that fits the criteria for the Gala World Event by e-mail, to the official IDO Sport Office is March 15th, yearly.

List needs to be sent to the following e-mail address: fiona.johnson@t-2.net

Only ADULT CHAMPIONS from the previous year (1 year) or TITLE DEFENDER can be taken into consideration.

The list of nominees has to be accompanied by a video of the winning performance.
Videos need to be sent to the following e-mail address: PR@ido-sport.org

All videos need to be clearly marked as follows:

IDO ADULT (discipline) CHAMPION (year), category.

Example: IDO ADULT HIP HOP CHAMPION 2015, formations.

Application is valid only with video. All other applications will be discarded as not valid.

A special structure will be formed for the selection from the application list of all NMO to make a final list of  maximum 5 to be inserted to the final list for the IDO Gala World event. The structure will have 3-5 members (preferable VIP).


All videos sent by the NMO will be published on the official IDO You-Tube channel: DanceVids IDO after receiving a list of all valid applications from the IDO Sport Director. The list will be then sent to the IDO FB administrator and You-Tube Administrator.

A 7 day FB contest will be created by the IDO FB Administrator will start not latest then May 15th, each year.

All technical details need to be coordinated by FB administrator and You-Tube Administrator. 
All FB users are eligible to take part.

Voting will be done in the number of likes a video will get via FB. In addition to prevent dancers who have a large circle of family and friends from controlling the vote, the first three winners will be reviewed by the Gala Committee along with the DepartmentDirectors to assure excellence and variety of disciplines in the final event.


After all selections have finished a final list is created by the IDO Sport Office and sent to the IDO Presidium for confirmation.

After the selection is confirmed by the IDO Presidium, every National Member Organization whose dancers have been selected, will receive an invitation, with a deadline to confirm their attendance.

If the confirmation is not received, the IDO Sport Director will contact the next performance on the list.

Only performances that confirm by the deadline will be put on the list. If a selected performance does not confirm in time, it will be cancelled automatically and theDepartment Director will fill the free slot.


The criteria on which the Dance Department Director base their choice:

a.) All disciplines in the department are equal.

b.) All categories are equal (solo, duo, trio, small group and formations).

c.) Only 3 performances per department and 1 extra in case of a cancelation by the Department Directors are allowed. 

d.) The invitation will be sent to the holder of the World Champion title from the previous year.

Example: invitation for Gala 2015 are from the World Champions in year 2014 only.

The Sport Director has the right to invite more performances when needed and also 3 extra performances that do not fit the above criteria (Eg: Former past champions frompast years, Junior or Children who are outstandingly talented, dancers who have gone onto Professional careers, etc.).



a.) There is no payment of starting fee or any fee at all.
b.) All performances will receive a reimbursement, which will be sent directly to their  bank account or paid in cash.
c.) Contestants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation.
d.) Obligatory length of the performance (solo, duo, trio, groups and formations): minimum 2:00 minutes and maximum 4:30 minutes.
e.) Except for costume rules and ethical code written in IDO dance sport rules and regulations, no rules of the discipline apply. The dancers are free to perform any discipline from the Department they were select from and can mix other IDO disciplines without exceptions.
f.) The selected performances have to be enrolled by their NMO through a special system made just for Gala evening. Only IDO registered dancers in the calendar year of the Gala can attend the event.
g.) Not more than 25% of dancers from a group and formation can be changed.

h.) All dancers will perform once and then the VIP Adjudicators will select the 3 best performances to dance again in the final, using the IDO 2-DProduction selection system.

After confirmation, all selected nominees need to send a short CV, results from last 3 years, a picture to make a promotion brochure, exact length of performance (entering and exiting the stage has to be cleared with the Sport Director before the event) and a signed form regarding using all the material from Gala as promotional material of IDO.

DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT: Gala evening rules  procedure-final version May 2016