IDO Promo Video 2016

Kyle Van Newkirk, 2016 IDO World Gala finalist, goes for GOLD!

The International Dance Organization is delighted to learn that two time IDO World Tap Champion Kyle Van Newkirk from the United States of America, will be competing for $1,000,000 at the World of Dance competition.


IDO World Gala – VIP Judges for Elite Dancers!

The International Dance Organization’s World Gala event held in Graz, Austria in 2016 was a success, both with IDO’s elite dancers and with VIP international judges.

One of the VIP judges for 2016 Gala was Alden Harbi who is best known as a talent scout for Americas Got Talent. The dancers loved it and his attendance at the Gala brought much prestige to our world organization.


1st IDO Asia-Conference in Beijing, China – Board Meeting

The IDO President, Michael Wendt, met the Members of the Board of IDO-Conference Asia at the Hilton Hotel Beijing, China on February 10, 2017.

Mr. Jae Young Lee from IDO Korea, Mr. Oscar Wang Bing from IDO-China and the IDO-President IDO - International Dance Organization (who also informed the board about the ideas from IDO Chinese Taipei) had a very successful meeting. It was discussed and decided about working together, supporting each other and future collaborations for IDO-Events in the countries.

The upcoming IDO-events in Asia / Asia-Pacific for the next 3 years have been evaluated and agreed. As soon as all contracts in the countries are ready, the federations will apply to the IDO Sports Director for various IDO-events.

The next day IDO-Korea and IDO-China agreed to work together very closely for IDO events and to support each other’s events by sending their excellent dancers. The IDO President thanked the board very much and is looking forward to the prosperous development of IDO competitions in Asia / Asia-Pacific.

During the last few days, IDO national judge’s seminars and exams have also taken place in Beijing.

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Welcome to OSSA!

The International Dance Organization's Sports Department is delighted to confirm the venue for the 2017 IDO World Ballet, Jazz and Modern/Contemporary Championships will be the Hotel-OSSA, Congress and Spa centre at Rawa Mazowiecka in Poland.
This fantastic new venue is located very near Warsaw international airport and is very accessible for dancers, national teams and spectators. Further information will be published on the Organizers Website, in March 2017. #IDODanceWeek #IDODance #IDOWorldDance #newvenue #competitions #dancers #jazz #ballet #modern

Successful 13th Dutch Open!

The IDO - International Dance Organization licensed event, the 13th Dutch Open, has been a resounding success. Over 2,000 dancers took part in this annual competition, from 8 countries and two continents.

The event saw over 3,000 performances in Street Dance genres including Hip Hop, Electric Boogie, Para Dance and Street Dance Show. Participating countries included the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Lithuania, Denmark, Italy and South Africa.

IDO Facebook has created a photo album for the event. We welcome everyone to view the photos on the following link:

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IDO Winter Season Starts This Weekend!

The International Dance Organization is delighted that its competition circuit starts this week in the Netherlands with the 13th Dutch Open for Street Dance.

It will be a busy few months of IDO with competitions and very important meetings. The full programme of official IDO events for the 2017 winter season are:

13th Dutch Open in Netherlands

IDO European Couple Dance Championships in Saint Romain de Gal, France

Annual IDO Presidium Meeting in Korsor, Denmark

IDO World Synchro Dance Cup in Catania, Italy

The IDO looks forward to these wonderful IDO events and wishes event organisers, teachers, choreographers, dancers and all IDO national member nations at large all the very best at our IDO events.

For further information please visit our websites on and or follow us on IDO Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

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Meeting Time in Rome

FIDS CEO Michele Barbone and Fiona Johnson IDO - Sport Director, talked about future cooperations and Youth Olympic Games. To be continued...

National Dancesport Federation Sri Lanka new IDO Probationary Member

Great news for IDO all over the world of dance! During a meeting in Singapore with IDO-president Michael Wendt (center), Ms. Aleena Tan (right) (IDO-contact Singapore and great advisor for IDO in Asia), Ms. Shiromi Perera (left), Sportdirector of the National DanceSport Federation Sri Lanka, applied for probationary membership in IDO. Also on the photo mister Wends wife Christa and Perera-Family from Sri Lanka.

More news here  #idodance #idoworlddance #IDOAsia

IDO Indonesia will work even closer with IDO

During his short stay in Singapore IDO-President Michael Wendt also met with IODI president Heru Sutantio (Indonesia Dancesport Association).
In the picture: Michael Wendt, President International Dance Organization , Mrs Christa Wendt, Aleena Tan IDO Singapore , Heru Sutantio, President Indonesia Dancesport Association.
More here  #idodance #idoworlddance #IDOAsia

Season Greetings!!

The International Dance Organization President Michael Wendt and the IDO Presidium wish all the IDO National Member Organisations, its dancers, teachers, choreographers and followers Season Greetings and all the very best for 2017, filled with Health, Happiness and great dancing!

The IDO looks forward to all its 2017 projects and activities!


IDO European Ballet, Modern and Jazz Championships 2016

The International Dance Organization is excited that the IDO European Ballet, Modern and Jazz Championships for 2016 started on Tuesday 6th December and will continue till Sunday 11th December 2016. The Championships, that are now in its 16th anniversary, are being organised in the Polish city of Mikolajki, in the Hotel Golebiewski.

The event is organised by IDO Poland. The event sees nearly 1,000 dancers from 18 European nations taking part in this impressive IDO Championships...More here

Photo gallery

IDO World Tap Dance Championships 2016 a Success!

The IDO - International Dance Organization is delighted with the outcome of the recent IDO World Tap dance Championships 2016 that was organised in Riesa, Germany.
United States of America took 6 gold medals, whilst Czech Republic and United Kingdom took 3 gold medals each. Italy and Ukraine won 2 gold medals each with Australia, Croatia, Germany Russia and Switzerland winning one gold respectively...More here



The International Dance Organization’s President Michael Wendt has been rewarded by the IDO Presidium for his perseverance and dedication to IDO and his 20 years of organising IDO Championships in the German sports city of Riesa. IDO Senior Vice-President Dr Velibor Srdic, congratulated Christa and Michael on behalf of the IDO family, and wished them another 20 years of success in Riesa....More here

Photo gallery


IDO introduces new social media networks

The International Dance Organisation’s Social Media Department have today launched two new social media networks that will serve to promote the World Governing body even further.

IDO Twitter and IDO Instagram will now form part of the IDO’s social media marketing strategy together with those already instituted, including, IDO Facebook and IDO YouTube.

Commenting on the announcement, IDO Vice-President for External Public Relations, Seamus Byrne said:

'As Director for Social Media, I have been working closely with Gaynor Johnson who is an invaluable asset to our social media department. We decided to expand IDO’s networks to be able to enhance and promote our Organisation as the elite world dance and dance sport organisation it is today.

We will continue to work on other external PR and social media strategies to be able to maximise IDO exposure.'

National Member Organisations, dance enthusiasts and friends can now follow IDO via our websites and; on the following social media networks and using the hashtags #IDO #IDOWorldDance #IDODance:

IDO Facebook

IDO Twitter - @IDOWorldDance

IDO Instagram - @IDOWorldDance

IDO also invites everyone to subscribe to the IDO YouTube Channel where you will find the latest playlists for all IDO World, European and Continental Championships.

IDO World Championships for Disco a Success

The International Dance Organisation’s World Disco Dance and Disco Freestyle Championships 2016 has been described by IDO Executive Secretary and Director of the Street Dance Department, Kirsten Dan Jensen as 'the best World Championships for Disco ever.' Commenting on her experience she added:

'IDO Vice-President Hanka Švehlová and I, have been very privileged to work at this prestigious Championships! The venue was beautifully decorated, great hospitality on for Officials, and, everything was special. The IDO hopes the Organisers, namely Knut and Maud Säborg will produce the event in the not too distant future.'


#IDODance #IDOWorldDance #IDODiscoDanceÖrebro

IDO Officials and organizer


IDO World Championships in Wetzlar

The IDO World Ballet, Modern and Jazz Championships was organised in Wetzlar, Germany.

Although each single competition day was official and of same importance, Saturday night was used as the "day of the day's" and Gala Night. The parade of nations saw 1704 dancers, 27 nations from 4 continents. The Presidents of IDO Michael Wendt, TAF Germany Ralf Josat and Tanzsport Deutschland (the organizer) Heidi Estler, gave their speeches. A number of thrilling finals followed the ceremony where Korea for the first time won an IDO World title. Out of a high leveled field of six dancers, Min Ah Kim got 1st place, in the Solo Female Adult section of Modern and Contemporary.

Thank you to the Organisers and the great team of volunteers that have made this IDO Championship a success story!

#IDO #IDODance #IDOWorldDance


IDO President Michael Wendt, IDO Senior Vice President Velibor Srdic, Chairman of The Americas Bonnie Dyer, TAF Germany Ralf Josat and Tanzsport Deutschland Heidi Estler

2nd IDO Gala World Event - Thank you Klaus and Gala team!

IDO Vice President and Sports Director, Fiona Johnson Kocjancic, has thanked IDO Vice-President Klaus Hoellbacher for all his support with the 2nd IDO World Gala!

In a short statement, IDO Vice President and Sports Director, Fiona Johnson Kocjancic, has thanked IDO Vice-President Klaus Hoellbacher and all the organising team for their support with the 2nd IDO World Gala:

My special THANKS goes first to Klaus Hoellbacher that enabled the second Gala World Event to be held in Graz and made it such a great event. Thank you for helping me to developed the project for the IDO dancers. It really is becoming a representative promotional tool for IDO!

By saying that I would like to thank all the Gala nominees that made the second Gala World event so special with their outstanding performances. Without you and your efforts during all the years at IDO Championships, Gala World event “Best of the Best” would not be possible!

Last but not least thank you Hana, Gaynor and Tjaša!

#IDOGalaWorldEvent #IDO #IDODance #IDOWorldDance






Dear IDO friends,

I am more that proud to let u know that a record has been set!
Today at the IDO World Hiphop, Electric Boogie and Break dance Championships we had over 82.000 people watching!
Must say that the livestream is of very high quality and what the supporters at home appreciate the most IT IS FREE!

I would like to thank the Organizer, Dr.Klaus Hoellbacher that made this possible.

Best regards from Graz,
Fiona Johnson Kocjancic IDO Sport director



Dear IDO colleagues, dancers, teachers,

The IDO World Hip-hop, Break dance and Electric Boogie Championships, that will be held in Graz, Austria on 19.10.2016-23.10.2016 will also host DANCERS and TEACHERS FORUM. For more info check our FORUM tab :D


IDO presentation at the 1st Tafisa Europe Congress

IDO Vice President & Sport Director, Fiona Johnson Kocjancic has represented IDO at the 1st TAFISA - Europe Conference that was held from 16.9.-18.9.2016 in Ljubljana. Very important topics were discussed such as "Activating open spaces and public spaces as a platform for Sport for all and physical activity; BeActive-The European Week of Sports; Mobilizing European Communities through Open and Public Spaces, etc. and a lot of concrete experience was shared. IDO members could easily be part of Sport and Physical Activity projects on a local and national level.

On Saturday at the official Opening ceremony before the Welcome words from the Minister of Education, Science and Sport, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana, Chairman if TAFISA-Europe, First Vice President of Olympic Committee of Slovenia and Vice President of Sports Union of Slovenia, IDO Promo video was presented for the first time. It  was accompanied by a live Break dance performance to enhance the complete experience of what a small part of IDO feels' and looks like. In this way the presentation of IDO at an international conference was a great success that did not stayed only at the huge applause after the performance, but was a lively buzz during the days. TAFISA members wanted to know IDO more and wanted to download the IDO promo video.

Proudly making IDO bigger, better and stronger :D

PHOTO: Patrik Perosa - Vice President of Sports Union of Slovenia & EUSA Sport Director, Peter Barendse - Chairman of TAFISA-Europe, Fiona Johnson Kocjancic - IDO Vice President&Sport Director, Wolfgang Baumann - Secretary General, TAFISA



Be part at the second IDO-EUSA UNIVERSITY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016 that will be held in conjunctions with our prestigious World Championships as follows:

-          19.-10.-23.10.2016 at the IDO World Hip hop Championships in Graz, Austria for  ADULT HIP HOP solo female and male.

Deadline: 12.10.2016

-          06.12.-10.12.2016 at the IDO European Ballet, Jazz and Modern Championships for ADULT JAZZ and MODERN solo female and male.

Deadline: 28.11.2016

More info...


IDO celebrating 35 years of EXCELENCE !

On the 18th September 1981 saw the birth of the International Dance Organisation. The World Governing body the IDO, was founded by 4 national member organisations from France, Gibraltar, Italy and Switzerland.

Since those early days, the IDO has grown into the leading World Organisation for Dance and Dance Sport, with 94 member nations and contacts, representing over 250,000 dancers. The IDO has offered 35 years of dance excellence and will continue to be deeply involved with the many aspects of the universal dance industry. The IDO will work, for many more years to come, to improve the quality of its dancers through participation at IDO events, to improve the quality of our international adjudicators through education and ensure we maintain and expose our global image and that of our national member organisations.

Happy 35th Birthday to the IDO and for many more years to come!

#IDO #IDODance #IDOWorldDance



The International Art Dance Organisation was part of a very historic press conference on Thursday 11th August 2016, where the first ever Art Games have been launched at the Olympic Games been held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Read more..


Help the victims of flood in Macedonia

On 6th of August , Skopje , the capital of Macedonia was under extreme weather conditions which resulted with disaster flood of enormous proportions. Read more...

IDO World Cups in Performing Arts, Ballet, Jazz dance, Modern / Contemporary dance, Tap dance, Oriental / Belly dance, Argentine Tango, HipHop and Streetdance Show in the Olympic Hall, Seoul, Korea on July 30 - August 1, 2016

The first IDO Closed and Open IDO-Asia / Asia-Pacific Conferences in the Hotel Olympic Parktel and the 1. IDO Dance World Cups in the Olympic Hall in Seoul, Korea are history now.

Mr. Lee you have been a gracious host, to have invited dancers, supporters, teachers, choreographers, officials to join the first “open” IDO Asia / Asia-Pacific Conference with 16 countries participating: Argentine, Australia, Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Korea, Macao SAR, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Singapore, USA. Read more..


First IDO Asia-Asia-Pacific Conference in the Hotel Olympic-Parktel in Seoul, South Korea

The IDO-President Michael Wendt welcomed the delegates and expressed his biggest personal appreciation about this historic moment in dance. Read more..


Bill Fowler, IDO Lifetime Honorary President was honored with "Mr. Bill Award"

Mister Bill Fowler, IDO Lifetime Honorary president, was honoured at the Dance Educators of America Nationals in West Palm Beach. From this day forward they will be awarding the "Mr Bill Award" to be replacing their special awards at all of their competitions.

Congratulations Bill Fowler, you truly are an amazing person. Your knowledge and experience is a big contribution to not only IDO but also to the great dance world!



IDO AGM and ADM, Gibraltar

From the 26th till the 28th of June, the AGM and AGM is held in beautiful Gibraltar - The Rock !

IDO European Disco Dance and Disco Freestyle Championships

The championship was held in ChomutovCzech Republic with 1.628 dancers from 16 European countries

Thank you Tanecní klub Beethoven D.C., o.s. and Mgr. Eva Vlková. It was amazing. More photos here.


IDO European Tap Championships & IDO World Modern and Jazz Cups "TAP Prague"


From the 10th till the 12th of June, the beautiful city of Prague hosted this amazing event organized by Mila Petrova. This year there were nearly 800 dancers from 9 countries. More photos here :D


IDO DANCE SUMMIT Georgia,Tbilisi -  Meeting day

IDO summit in Tbilisi was hosted by Valentina Kuzmidi and Georgian dance organization together with Ministry of Sport (Head of Sport Policy Mr.Irakli Dolaberidze who was present at the meeting).

The IDO countries represented at the Summit:

  • Armenia - by Artases Mesropyan,
  • Azerbaijan - by Aziz Azizov,
  • Belarus - by Oleg Yazvin,
  • Russia by Andrey Kokoulin,
  • Turkey - by Alper Alakut.
  • The IDO was represented by Hana Svehlova, IDO Vicepresident.

It was a very positive meeting discussing the issues of the neihbouring IDO-countries.

The meeting was followed by Georgian Dance Olympiad (competition in show dance, folk dance, street show, hip hop, break dance, modern and many other dances).



From the 15th till the 16th of April 2016, 7 countries meet for the DANCE SUMMIT in the city of Tbilisi, Georgia. It started with sightseeing of the beautiful  Jvari church (6th century) and  Mtskheta (church from 11th century, Unesco). After that meeting time :)


IDO-European Conference in Bratislava, Slovak Republic

On the 1st of April, 2016 the second IDO MEETING OF SOUTH EAST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES took place in Bratislava, Slovak Republic with Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Slovenia.


IDO - EUSA  European Universities Championships

The EUSA-IDO European Universities Championships were organised in conjunction with the official IDO World Championships and represented a separate competition held only in the adult/solo female, solo male and duo. For more check the image below.



“It is amazing how many great dancers we have in the South Eastern European countries, says IDO Sport Director, Fiona Johnson Kocjančič, “and also how these countries are prepared to support the region and work hand in hand.”

“It has been a great working meeting and all information gathered are of most importance for IDO,” says Dr. Velibor Srdić, President of IDO European Conference.

IDO NMO representatives with Dr.Velibor Srdić, IDO Vice-President and Mrs. Fiona Johnson Kocjančič, IDO Sport Director.






“It has been almost one month and congratulations from dancers, supporters, IDO members and VIP quests for organizing the 1st Gala has not stopped, “says Fiona Johnson Kocjančič, IDO Sport Director:” It shows me that this was the right thing to do and I hope that IDO Presidium will support this in the year 2016. It was an amazing experience to do something extra for the dancers. They really deserve it.”




Dear IDO National Member Organizations,

I would like to invite all dancers that are students to take part at the first IDO-EUSA UNIVERSITY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015 that will be held in conjunctions with our prestigious World Championships as follows:

  • 21.-10.-25.10.2015 at the IDO World Hip hop Championships in Rimini, Italy for ADULT HIP HOP solo female, male and duos.
  • 01.12.-05.12.2015 at the IDO World Tap dance Championships in Riesa, Germany for ADULT TAP DANCE solo female, male and duos.
  • 07.12.-12.12.2015 at the IDO World Ballet, Jazz and Modern Championships  in Mikolajki, Poland for ADULT JAZZ and MODERN solo female, male and duos.

All competitions are held in accordance with the IDO Rules and Regulations and are adjudicated by the IDO licensed Adjudicators. 




"This was one of IDO’s most impressing and prestigious championships!" said IDO President and Supervisor, Michael Wendt (Germany) on the big show-stage in Gibraltar after the 4 days of great show dance competitions on highest levels".

"This is why we have given higest marks to nearly all details!" added the Chairperson of Judges, Fiona Johnson-Kocjancic (IDO Vice President and Sport Director from Slovenia). "It was such a great athmospere in Tercentenary Sports Hall on Baystreet - and so well organized - with Gibraltarian charm, preciseness and passion"!

The dancers, the judges, the IDO-officials, everybody was truly happy and will return when the GNDO and GIB will invite for a next IDO event.

"I am personally looking forward to the next IDO AGM / ADMs in Gibraltar now, in June 2016" where we have found a wonderful and truly entertaining venue for the IDO delegates and their accompanies" said Kirsten Dan Jensen, IDO Executive Secretary (Denmark).

"We will keep you posted!"

Thank you the people of Gibraltar, Thank you Hon. Minister Steven Linares! Thank you Seamus Byrne and your stunning and effectively passionate team!

Michael Wendt
IDO - President



There will be Dancers´and Teachers´ forum during IDO World Championships in Bochum, Ostrava, Riesa, Rimini - invitations will be sent soon.

Dancers' and Teachers ´ forums in Bochum - very nice meetings with nice people (from 11 countries and 2 continents) bringing nice and new ideas for IDO!

Save the date! Discuss with our Vice President Dr. Hana Svehlova!



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