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Dance at Youth Olympic Games!

For the first time in 2018, Break Dance will be part of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG). Dance being part of any kind of Olympic Games is a very important step for the dance world.

In Winter 2016 the International Olympic Committee (IOC), has contacted the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF), as the member of IOC, to prepare and run the event from the selection of dancers, prior to the YOG.

From January to April 2017, WDSF and IDO negotiated about the issue. IDO offered to run the selection competitions at the already existing IDO national and international competitions with all technical and organizational support with minimal costs. Unfortunately, IOC has decided differently and reduced the number of Qualifier events to 3 (from the 8-12 initially planned and presented to IDO). So, now instead of competitions, on the first level, a video contest shall find the best Breakers without occurring travel expenses.

IDO is an open organization for all dancers. BBoys/Girls born in 2000-2001-2002 are wlecome to apply, should they be interested to participate in the Qualifying process for the 2018 YOG. Dancers are invited to upload their video on as from May 2017. For further information please contact your IDO National Member Organization.

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Calling on IDO Hip Hop experts to work in China!

The IDO President and Ambassador for Asia and Asia Pacific, Michael Wendt, has been asked by the Chinese Dance Organisation, for the possibility of having IDO Hip Hop teachers, choreographers and professionals to teach in China. Are you interested? #IDOWorldDance #IDOChina #hiphop #checkit

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IDO in Sicilia

During this weekend IDO had its first international competition in Catania. As the volcano Etna, the dancing was hot-hot-hot when more than 300 dancers took over the dance floor.

»It was a great pleasure to be working at the IDO World Synchro dance Cups. The Organizer, Mr. Coco Carmelo and Mrs. Antonella Salamone, »Sympathy moon« did a great job. In my eyes Catania is more than ready to host another IDO competition, maybe next time an IDO Open ranking competition, titled CATANIA GRAND PRIX. My biggest gratitude goes to FIDS and its new president, Mr. Michele Barbone for the support and great co-operation.« stated IDO Sport Director, Fiona Johnson Kocjančič.



Kyle Van Newkirk, 2016 IDO World Gala finalist, goes for GOLD!

The International Dance Organization is delighted to learn that two time IDO World Tap Champion Kyle Van Newkirk from the United States of America, will be competing for $1,000,000 at the World of Dance competition.


IDO World Gala – VIP Judges for Elite Dancers!

The International Dance Organization’s World Gala event held in Graz, Austria in 2016 was a success, both with IDO’s elite dancers and with VIP international judges.

One of the VIP judges for 2016 Gala was Alden Harbi who is best known as a talent scout for Americas Got Talent. The dancers loved it and his attendance at the Gala brought much prestige to our world organization.


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